ReBaroque Speakers

You’ve all probably seen, at least once on the web, the famous Eames lounge chair customized as a boombox – Dj dream (see below). Well the designer Mikal Jessie Hameed and NY based designer artist Rebecca Paul created these beautiful, ReBaroque Speakers.

Rebaroque’s up-cycled sound frames are made from found wood, reclaimed vintage frames and remnant pieces of fabric. They are like nothing else on the market, and our commitment to sustainable design is realized in every project we produce, build or operate.

“Our sound panels are the result of our combined knowledge of fine art, music, technology and sustainable design.”

“Our goal was to produce a product that allows you to use your smart device to interact with the space you live in and redefine how we think about music and our homes.”

More info on Rebaroque and thanks to Yatzer for the tip!