Kim Jong-Un, Putin and Margaret Thatcher as Speakers

The Sound of Power (SOP) series is a tribute to the porcelain figurines and the busts our grandparents loved to collect. Glossy white men and flawlessly carved maidens reminded us of something bigger, than our ordinary lives and inspired to greatness.


Music in your Suitecase with The BoomCase Speakers

Mr Simo is an audio-nut, He has been making portable music machines since 2000 and drawn some inspiration from the man selling stereos and bumping his homemade Briefcase Stereo at the Flea Market in Sacramento. His latest products are the BoomCase: these beautiful vintage suitcases customized into Self Powered Portable Stereo system. Working with your…


Invisible Speaker by People People

Swedish industrial designers over at People People created this very cool ‘Invisible Speaker’ with a transparent design letting the speaker blend in to any living environment. The size is be big enough to offer great sound quality, yet the


Megaphone for iPhone by Ene&is

We always love to see beautiful speaker designs, this Megaphone for iPhone by Ene&is is definitely one-of-a-kind. Made in ceramic with a form designed to boost and optimize the best sound output. To decrease the vibration and to optimize the emission of sound, the amplifier is based on a thin wooden structure that


The iTree by KMKG

Created by Austrian architecture and design studio KMKG, The iTree is a top-quality iPhone and iPod docking station made out of a simple tree trunk. This is hollowed out using a special technique and specialized tools, expertly proportioned to produce optimum sound quality through the speakers.