Raury : God’s Whisper

      1. Raury - God's Whisper




Every now and then in music we get to experience an artist that paves their own road to appeal with unique style and approach that is fresh to our ears and hearts. The 17-year-old Atlanta based Raury is that artist. Inspired by a range of influences including Bon Iver, Andre 3000, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins and Kid Cudi (who’s work such as ‘Man on the Moon’ series helped him gain confidence through its “loner kid perspective”), Raury has been honing his craft since the early age of nine and it shows.


His latest yielding “God’s Whisper” takes us through an uplifting modern day folk tale as the self proclaimed lone wolf professes his empowered and wise nature upon us from the first line  “I won’t compromise, I won’t live a life—on my knees.” Expect big things from the newcomer and lookout for his forthcoming EP Indigo Kid  which is surely going to be a breakout record this year.


Check out more from Raury, www.soundcloud.com/raury