Primary 1 : The Blues (ft Nina Persson)

Primary 1 is Joe Flory, a synthpop producer from the UK who has quite the resume. Primary 1 has been remixed by anyone from Memory Tapes to Joker, collaborated with the Cardigans’ Nina Persson and Phoenix producer Philippe Zdar and is currently touring with Ellie Goulding. You can find most of his music, a collection of bedroom recordings, on an album entitled Mess Detective, which you can download for free here. What sets him apart from most up-and-coming underground producers is that he has a major label deal with Atlantic Records.

On his track The Blues, featuring Nina Persson of the Cradigans, Flory demonstrates why a label such as Atlantic might be interested. The beat is steady, the synth melody soaring and the horn arrangement melancholy, but the thing that makes this track so irresistible is the back and forth duet of Flory and Persson. With this track Primary 1 exudes a certain confidence and I have a feeling this is his initial imprint of much bigger things to come. Time to hit the repeat button.

Listen to The Blues (ft. Nina Persson) Here

      1. Primary 1 - The Blues [ft Nina Persson]

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