Prada launches 10 new amazing scents

The collection of Prada Olfactories are potent concoctions of the unexpected, each provoking the surreal, cinematic experience of a partially remembered dream.

Devised as collages of uncanny experiences, they embrace the spirit of mysterious juxtapositions: the feminine faces the masculine, the real encounters the imaginary, the mundane becomes precious.

The ten distinct fragrances trigger the subconscious mind. United by a disregard for traditions, they are sensory fragments — combining contradictory, counterintuitive elements to provoke fantastical thoughts.


The broad range of sensory experiences offered by Prada Olfactories is apparent in the ten juices themselves, which span the visible spectrum.

Their diverse hues are revealed in clear glass flacons accented with elements that evoke night and day: midnight-blue caps and sky-blue plaques, both bearing the distinctive cross-hatched texture of saffiano leather – a Prada signature that is reprised in the colorblocked box. Between bottle and box is a silk pouch bearing an appliqué Prada insignia.

Each pouch is patterned with a graphic interpretation of the fragrance’s identity, drawing upon iconic Prada prints and color combinations as well as creating new ones.

An island arrival, as evening wanes. Stepping into humid darkness, the air dense with a silent chorus of night-blooming flowers.Heat Wave is the scent of complicity in paradise, steamy and decadent.

A cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo. The joyful embrace of nature and the synthetic animates the familiar to produce a heightened form of beauty. Pink Flamingos is the scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, stylized and innocent.

Distributed exclusively, Prada Olfactories are available in some Prada Boutiques and through select high-end retailers.

Each fragrance comes presented in its own fabric pouch and retail prices are set at $300 for the US and €230 in Europe, for a 3.4 oz eaux de parfum bottle. 

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