Portraits by Loretta Lux

From The Omen’s devilish Damien to those chilling twins in The Shining, there’s always been an unsettling connection between children and the genre of horror within popular culture. This is something that artsit-turned-photgrapher Loretta Lux captures brilliantly in her surreal portraits of young children. Loretta’s work is carefully created through a combination of different techniques including still life painting and digital manipulation, sometimes taking up to three months to complete.

Each piece has a distinct vintage appeal, incorporating pastel-soaked tones and doe-eyed youngsters reminiscent of stylised Renaissance art and Old Master paintings. Both haunting and compelling, Loretta gingerly portrays a sense of dark fantasy with ghostly subjects that hover curiously on the line between the real and the imagined.

More information at www.lorettalux.de