Portrait of Hailee Steinfeld

Miu Miu muse Hailee Steinfeld may be only 14 years old, but there’s no doubt she’s as ladylike as it gets. The first campaign starring the actress, which debuted last Fall 2011, had her sitting upright in a pastel chair like a lady-in-waiting, elegantly descending down a flight of stairs, and even demurely biting into a slice of pizza without a sloppy sauce stain in sight.

Now, an accompanying video has recently been released, showing just how breathtaking and adorable Hailee is, even behind the scenes. Titled Portrait of Hailee and directed by Bruce Weber—the man behind the photo campaign—the film is about five minutes of dreamy vignettes with a powerful orchestral soundtrack.

The film will be featured in the film festival A Shaded View of Fashion Film at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from October 7-9, as well as be the focus of a YouTube advertising campaign across five different countries.