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Pop Culture takes over Coronavirus on Instagram

As the period of confinement takes hold in several countries to cope with the spread of the coronavirus, artists transform their creations into prevention messages.

On the Internet, major events and periods of crisis never take long to turn into memes . And the sanitary emergency that we are going through today does not cut it, as evidenced by The Creation of Adam, a famous fresco by Michel Ange who has had some success with artists who are supporters of reappropriation. Bottle of hydroalcoholic gel, latex gloves, protective suits… Pastiches, the figures of God and Adam whose iconic indexes meet (without ever touching each other) are also found in quarantine.

Whether it’s helping us to put things into perspective, laughing at the news or pushing us to respect the rules of hygiene and confinement, the artists seize the crisis with humorous vignettes and diversions. A quick overview.

Hijacked masterpieces

We talk about hygiene as much …

That madness around certain “rare” commodities …

Contemporary art

Illustrations and comics

And even sacred art

Created by the Chinese designer Duyi Han in a church in Hubei province (home of the epidemic), the fresco The Saints Wear White pays tribute to the medical professionals who risked their lives to treat the sick.