Poolside: Harvest Moon

Listen to “Harvest Moon” here

      1. Harvest Moon Remix


Despite the The S.O.U.LĀ  S.Y.S.T.E.M’s “Lovely Day” beat steal on this Neil Young cover, Poolside is no copy cat duo. The “daytime disco” pioneers are Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise: friends before DJs, and producers above DJs. The Angelinos debuted on the scene with their electronic bumper-single, “Do You Believe.” However, it is this mellow “Harvest Moon” reinvention that clinched their versatility and refined production abilities. The marked stylings render a not-so-salvaged feel to the Young classic. They’ve given it a whole new living color with soft vocals placed in a relaxed setting.

What’s more, is that the disco brothers have done so without losing the main ingredients that bumped the original to the esteemed category of “classic” in the first place. Enjoy!