Plastic Overdose: “Not Longer Life” Editorial’s Alarming Us on the Use of Plastic

Valencia Architect group QUATRE CAPS created this strong “Not Longer Life” editorial, alarming us on the everyday abusive use of plastic. Reinterpreting famous still-life, they reproduced classic masters paintings such as Monet or Caravaggio contextualizing them in our current situation, as if they were contemporary artists.

From the supermarket to the set. The evolution of a nutrition format characterized by its wear of a single-use plastic wrapping.

This series intends to reflect about the direction that the consumer society is taking and the unconscious attitude we are taking about the natural resources in pursuit of an utmost and absurd comfort usually misunderstood as progress, welfare or luxury.

It is estimated that in 2020 the plastic production will reach around 500 millions tones. Most of them will take approximately 600 years to biodegrade. Far from finding a real solution to this problem, the few measures taken to face this problem are populist and with the only purpose of making an image cleanup instead of tackling the issue.

We are not aware of the energetic consumption and the environmental impact that means using an absurd plastic wrapping. Meanwhile, thousands of products are being commercialized, doubling and tripling a synthetic skin or even worst, taking the place of their natural wrapping skin with a plastic package in order to “ease” their consumption.