Pinkunoizu: Time Is Like A Melody

Listen to “Time Is Like A Melody” here

      1. 01 Time Is Like A Melody


Recall the sultry sunrise scene in Vanilla Sky paired with The Chemical Brothers’ “Where Do I begin”? That acoustic wave has warped itself through a psychedelic twist of Danish post-rock in Pinkunoizu‘s “Time Is Like A Melody.” This quartet of electro experts take it further weaving in what they call “…sloppy 90s, repetitive kraut and modern compositions with some spacey-funk, brooding acoustic folk, and a tap of Moroccan trance with Asian 60’s pop.” Shall we say well-traveled?  Nothing shy of worldly, Danes Jeppe Brix (guitarist), Andreas Pallisgaard (guitarist, vocalist), Jakob Falgren (guitarist, keyboardist, bassist), and Jaleh Negari (drummer) march into the music scene on a mission to mix up emotions with cultural and conceptual experimentation. Banded together from a previous Danish ensemble, Le Fiasko, the troupe has been on a roll with recordings, working closely with native must-know Nils Gröndahl of Under Byen.


Off their album in progress, PEEP EP (due early 2012), Time is Like A Melody flies off turntables as an irrational and mystic composition of synths and electric jams with an intricate lacing of acoustic catharsis. The track Pinkunoizu describes “The apparently banal statement of the title functions as an opening; a revival of the idea of Time as being pliant and heterogeneous. The listener is connected to one of the most incomprehensible mysteries of being.” The band’s second hit Everything is Broken or Stolen takes shape in even deeper electric form with underlying tribal beats and whispers of The Doors. Almost haunting, the band masters the art of melodic confusion with their unique musical pairings, an enclave of muffled pipes with sharp electronics. Remarking on the influence of technology with their music, Andreas points out “We wouldn’t have had the means to create the sounds we have created, was it not for the invention of the computer. We would have done something different, but it would not have sounded as interesting in terms of sonic depth.” 

Listen to “Everything Is Stolen Or Broken” here

      2. 02 - Everything Is Broken Or Stolen


Catch Pinkunoizu and their electricity (tricks on guitars, amplified violin + bowed saw, and some sophisticated sound effects) in January at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands, and their album release “Free Time!” by British label Full Time Hobby, due out March 2012.