Piet Paris Illustrations

He is the one who did the Saks Fifth Avenue campaign last year, Dutch creative director Piet Paris is a fabulous illustrator. He created Studio Piet Paris to develop product design and to provide counseling in the fashion business. Pieter Hoen has such an unique illustration style with his characteristically powerful lines showing the meaning of the subject at a single glance.

Pieter ‘t Hoen (Piet Paris) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem in 1988. He is active in a variety of aspects of the fashion industry. He is co-founder of the Fashion Institute in Arnhem, where he gives a range of master-classes in fashion design.

He also teaches 3-D design at a number of arts academies.

He illustrates for newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands, Japan and the UK. His repertoire is known around the world and is published in other countries too, among them Germany, Belgium, France, Russia and the US.

Piet Paris at the Saks Opening

represented by UNIT in Europe & Art-Liaison in Japan