Phillip Low’s Galactic Prisms

Phillip Low’s Color blocked acrylic/lucite prisms are a gorgeous touch to any space with a natural source of light. The way that light hits and bounces off the prism creates an unpredictable and almost galactic effect. When we asked Low “Is it art or design?” he responded with…
“You decide. That line is blurry in some cases and I tend towards things that represent both at the same time. I also love things that engage the viewer…interactive stuff you can play with and make “new” when you feel like it. The table pieces I make are meant to be flipped around to create different effects. Maybe it’s craft?”

What inspired you to start making these prisms?
” I’ve always loved acrylic. It’s weight, optical clarity, precision and refractive qualities. I’ve also always made things. I made memory games and interactive block calendars a number of years ago that I showed in London. working in acrylic is something I’ve always wanted to do. When the opportunity came, I moved on it. it’s all a new thing for me really but I’m finding my way…more to come!”

These prisms do come with a hefty price tag of $950.00, but you can also purchase a print which I feel is equally effective for only $45.00 at Maryam Nassir Zadeh.