Peter Bjorn & John : Lay It Down

Swedish Band Peter Bjorn and John burst onto the scene a few years ago with their ever so catchy tune “young folks”. If this is news to you then I highly suggest you find that particular track pronto! Now back to the task at hand, this delicacy right here is served up on their fifth studio album and instead of a catchy whistling melody employed on young folks its the 6 words “Hey shut the f**k up boy”. Trust me its just as catchy. There sound is clearly evolving and their influences as they mention “’60s baroque pop, power pop and new wave” are becoming ever more apparent in their music. So its no surprise that the young group have already been sampled by folks like Kanye West, Diplo, Girl Talk and a host of others. Their music truly is spontaneous originality and should be appreciated as such. With that said I shall shut the f**k up and let you enjoy the track.

Listen to “Lay It Down” Here

      1. 08 - Peter Bjorn and John - Lay it Down

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