Pencil Crayon Jewelry by Maria Cristina Bellucci


Italian Designer Maria Cristina Bellucci created those original pencil crayon jewelry, after working for several years as a theater costume and accessories maker. The pieces are made using fragments of pencils that have been attached together and formed into a variety of shapes. The forming process reveals the interiors of the pencils, showcasing the wood and the colored lead.


Another great and original Christmas present idea…




Her Statement:

For several years I worked as theater costume and accessories maker, creating also a wide range of jewelery for stage use.
I developed a strong interest for contemporary jewelery and I dedicated myself to it.
As much as designing and making my own personal jewelery collection, I work on commission, and also design and create jewelery in collaboration with other artists and designers.

What characterized my early work was the use of very thin metal sheets and wires, experimenting with hollowness and fullness.
In later work, I started using even thinner metal sheets, as if working with paper sheets, creating pieces that were voluminous and light at the same time.
My more recent work is characterized by having more solid looking elements and also by the introduction of color, not previously explored.

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