Peach Crumble Video Recipe

Peach Crumble Video Recipe1

Prepare yourself before watching this video because you will have a ridiculous craving for peach cobbler and ice cream. A beautifully done video recipe is a hard feat to get right but this short directed, filmed and edited by Neha Deshmukh looks effortless. Ethereal shots of step by step instructions are shown to create the perfect peach crumble– you can almost taste the sweetness.

This project was created out of Neha’s love for food and visual beauty. Her blog Little Indian Chef is Neha’s place to express her passions with stunning photography and recipes. You will not only be addicted to this peach crumble but everything else she’s created as well.

Peach Crumble from kissingfrogs on Vimeo.

Peach Crumble Video Recipe2

Peach Crumble Video Recipe3

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