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Paul White : Where You Gonna Go?

      1. Paul White - Where You Gonna Go?

London based beat manufacturer Paul White finds his definition in the abstract. He has come to be known by his composition of psychedelic forward-thinking beats primed for any rapper or singer with the necessary mind set to delve in on.

The release of his forthcoming album Shaker Notes out September 30th (via R&S records) will bring new elements of his impressive repertoire to our attention and “Where You Gonna Go?” answers for us where the unorthodox ambition of White is geared up to take us. Having his hands set firm in the albums creation——producing it in it’s entirety as well as singing, playing guitar, bass, synths, and more—— this amount of involvement is usually a good sign of an artists dedication & possessiveness in honing their sound.

Check out the video for “Where You Gonna Go?” below.