Up In the Air

Antoine Rose Miami 01

Precise framing and unexpected social patterns emerge from Antoine Rose’s photographs for the aptly named Up In the Air series. Miami offers colorful and sometimes surprisingly organized beaches for its bathers, all unknowingly being watched by an eye in the sky.


Beach photography is easily becoming an attention-grabbing sub-category nowadays, as many photographers achieve great results on their bids to frame sandy beaches from all over the world (Gray Malin’s work comes to mind). Antoine focuses on his series, that began back in 2002, the unveiling of underlying social patterns throughout his helicopter rides 300 feet above ground.


The beauty is evident may the beach showcase a disarray of beach parasols, or the opposite, a clear cut design for two complementary colors to play off each other, Rose makes a difficult job  look easy.


Written by Mateus Andrade

Antoine Rose Miami 02

Antoine Rose Miami 03

Antoine Rose Miami 04

Antoine Rose Miami 05

Antoine Rose Miami 06

Antoine Rose Miami 07

Antoine Rose Miami 08

Antoine Rose Miami 09

Antoine Rose Miami 10

Explore more work from Antoine Rose at http://www.antoinerose.com/

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