Czech painter Ira Svobodová’s latest series, Papercut is inspired by the world of architecture. Her work features modernistic geometrical compositions in pure color tones. She employs a laborious technique applying special acrylic gels to glaze pure, unmixed colors.

The new direction is balanced yet unsettling—implementing optical deceptions that teeter on the edge of abstract and recognizable, between two- and three-dimensional spaces. Papercut layers sheets of paper as representational layering of personal conditions such as emotions, thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Papercut, is currently on exhibit at CES Gallery in downtown Los Angeles through July 18,2015.

Earlier works draw from concrete structures while the new iterations shift to more fragile ephemeral forms and materials. There is a tenderness and softness emphasized by the choice of colors, yet dramatic tension activates the pieces. The minimalist stacked bent paper alludes to origami, but at the same time they could conceivably be sheets waiting to be written upon, and structured to swallow messages.