Otherworld, Virtual Reality Arcade Bar [London]

Welcome to Otherworld, a parallel universe of infinite possibility, reached only through The Dream Corporation‘s immersion rooms. Designed by Red Deer collective of architects The experience is a unique sense-hacking technology and portal to another ‘virtual’ dimension. The new generation of “arcade bar” that offers an incredible experience, allowing the user to live in virtual reality in a truly original environment.

Feel the sun beat down on your face as you emerge from the cave. Feel the wind in your hair as you slide down a vast mountain. Feel the thud beneath your feet of a new land to explore.

It is a place where friends go to war together and live to tell the tale. Where far-flung families meet, but not by sea, or air, or rail. A world where we may be distant, but our closeness prevails.

Step inside and leave it all behind.

336, Acton Mews
E8 4EA