‘OSNI.1’ Unidentified Scented Object by Maison Cartier x Transsolar

Munich based climate engineering firm Transsolar collaborated with Maison Cartier’s perfumer-creator Mathilde Laurent, to create a space filled with bursting cloud and scent of the sky. The installation takes form of a glass cube with a twisting staircase inside, and is located at the Palais de Tokyo. OSNI.1 is neither a scent launch, nor a commercial endeavour. The project is the first artwork in a potential series by perfumer Mathilde Laurent, and she invited Transsolar to bring a sensual experience design and create artificial clouds.

It is interesting that the project also reveals a natural correlation between perfumer and engineer. Both of them share a similar vision of creating wonderful ideas of the space around people. ‘Transsolar is in charge of the environment you are in, while we can be in charge of what that smells like. What we both offer are wonderful ideas of the space around you.’ says Laurent.

Written for Trendland by Juan Juan Ding