Origin of the Beginning by Levi van Veluw

Written by Guest Blogger Seema Sharma

Dutch artist Levi van Veluw created 3 rooms covered with more then 30.000 wooden blocks, balls and slats. In these life-size installation he draws memories from his boyhood bedroom, where he spent many solitary hours between the ages of 8 and 14. All of these objects including every inch of the floor, walls and ceiling are covered in the same material: 14.000 4 cm2 dark brown wooden blocks.

The wooden blocks are made by Levi and glued on the wall one by one. The works suggest a narrative world behind the abstract portraits. Portrayed in one piece is a desk, a table lamp and a bookcase. The edge of the table is burned by Levi van Veluw as he had an obsession for fire.

Looking at his previous work, such as the Landscape Series, I definitely see his signature of his formal approach to self-portraiture. His work remains fascinating due to his use of unaffected materials, patterns and textures on objects and people. The installations will be exhibited in the Ron Mandos gallery in Amsterdam.


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