Hooray for Earth: True Loves

Listen to “True Loves” here

      1. True Loves


Hip hip, hooray. Hooray for Earth (of Dovecote Records) is proving why they’re the perfect supporting act for Architecture in Helsinki’s much-awaited tour this summer. “True Loves,” off their early May-released and raved about debut EP, Momo, has got the angelic back-up vocals to die for. The drums are to drool for and the lyrics are plain ‘ole sweet. The dripping synths with the metallic knife wielding sound effect creates a scary sound. Yet, the gentle, sleepyhead vocals brings it back to heartfelt and dreamy. Band leader, Noel Heroux, defines their sound juxtaposition, saying “The record is really aggressive sounding, but soft in attitude.” If you’re looking for a precise moment of deep feelings evoked, I’d say around 00:35. By nature, this track produces head-bobbing melodramatics full of neo-psychedelic appeal that are hard to resist. The positively-charged extremes of the song are affective–everything music should be. What a relief.