“One in a Million”

” In an era of mass production, genuine craftsmanship stands out. Dont forget about the collectors’ items of the winter season. These are truely one-of-a-kind pieces, each made with as much care as a painting in a museum.”

This is an editorial from the Winter issue of V Man,  that drew me in so deep. It is a forgotten art to create garments with so much love and craftsmanship. And to juxtapose it with this style of photography seemed so moody and appropriate. I can not figure out if photographer Richard Burbridge really played withe lighting or if the images we masked in post. Either way it was a brilliant execution for this project of highlighting the true craft of each piece.  I Nearly died when I saw the piece above by Burberry, a cashmere sweater with hand sewn and painted feathers! what!

-styled by Brian Molloy

-images scanned by Trendland