Olsen’s Coffee Table Book : “Influence”

I was not really sure what to think when I got the Olsen’s new coffee table book, entitled “Influence”, in my hands. But after a relaxing poolside weekend in Palm Springs it proved to be a great source of inspiration.

“I believe part of the process of figuring yourself out is a way of connecting the dots between the fabulous and influential people around us all, like some sort of hidden constellation-you only have to know where to look. This book is just the start.” – Ashely Olsen

“ I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be” – Diane Von Furstenburg

Christian Louboutin talking about the showgirls that he deisgned shoes for at the start of his career in Paris…

“When a normal woman goes downstairs, she looks at where she puts her feet. When you’re a showgirl you don’t- you look straight ahead. It’s a real technique, how to walk, how to express your body language. I remember the girls always asked me for veal carpaccio. Veal carpaccio! I was like, “my god they eat so much carpaccio.” And they always asked for kosher food so it had no blood. I didn’t understand why they were all kosher, so one day I asked one of the girls why they needed so much veal carpaccio. She laughed and told me that they weren’t eating it-they were putting it inside the soles of their shoes as a pad. That’s why it needed to be white and kosher. They kept the meat inside the shoe so when they went down the stairs it was cushioned.”

“There is no such thing as fashion. Fashion is an idea to make you think that you’re not in it at all times. Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers-and style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton

“ I always say photography is not democratic. Sorry, you like it? I don’ care if you like it.” – Peter Lindbergh

“We’ve become a society in which we spend so much time looking at ourselves and entertaining ourselves that we don’t really produce very much anymore.” – Bob Calacello

“Fashion should empower you, as much as it dresses you- it should make you a femme fatale one moment and a romantic the next. Fashion is there to transport you-it’s escapist and seductive.“ – Galliano