Of Monsters nad Men_My Head Is An Animal

Of Monsters and Men: Mountain Sound

Of Monsters nad Men_My Head Is An Animal

      1. Mountain Sound



Through a perfected blend of folk-pop, Of Monsters and Men guide us around a frigid island set on the Mid-Atlantic ridge covering 39,756 square miles; a swollen peninsula named Iceland where ferocious, fantastical beasts roam. Upon winning a nationwide ‘battle of the bands’ last year, this amicable sextet began recording a mesmerizing LP, a deliberate ode to their much admired homeland.


My Head is an Animal combines imagination with actuality, piano-led and guitar fueled with hints of rhythmic drum beats accentuating thirteen distinguishable tracks. A record such mixes masterful harmonies with an instrumental cast built on the backs of skill.


Out of all the suggested stories hemorrhaging from this domesticated debut, one which often piques listener’s interest is the catchy “Mountain Sound,” a modern day approach to what makes music great. Pristine images of hikers ascending a mountain coming full circle with life’s true meaning issue forth, all within the cut’s allowed time. If you are in the mood for something different, reserve a copy of My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men. It’ll wipe your problems away.