Odacite: Freshness at Your Doorstep

As you may know, we usually don’t write too much about beauty, but when a fresh new concept (and friend of Trendland) launches a beauty product like this, we have to review it! The concept of Odacite is fresh at your door step. This is a product line that is solely distributed by the brand directly to its customers.

To maintain their ideology on freshness Odacite is not be available in any stores, as the product is made, dated and shipped individually for each customer, anywhere in the world.
The extraordinary fresh blends penetrate deeply into the skin for an optimum delivery of super-charged antioxidants, which are at their highest efficiencies for only about 6 months. Since the product is dated, there is no need for toxic preservatives, making it an all-natural approach to your daily regime.
Founder Romain Gaillard & CEO Valérie Grandury
More info & buy on www.odacite.com