Objects of Desire

What is it that you desire? Farameh Media, in their new book entitled Objects of Desire, seeks to answer this question with over 400 pages full of luxurious objects curated from around the globe. The objects presented in the book are stunning and the publisher asserts that they based their curatorial choices on artistry and integrity, “free of any traces of showiness and the overt vulgarity of the “better with bling” era.” However, I must say that although many objects curated in the book are incredible, heirloom-worthy examples of old world high craftsmanship and style, the book also includes more than one glitzy sports car and shiny high-speed road bike. Perhaps this concedes the fact that in the 2013 trend-world “bling,” is no longer just about simply being ostentatious, it has become an unavoidable and pervasive Warholian concept that is trendy as ever and reflects an acute and concrete desire for luxury, glamour and recognition. Fascinating!


Photos: Farameh Media

Available HERE.