NOT A STILL LIFE by Studio Kleiner

NOT A STILL LIFE is the new exhibition project born during the residence in Versilia of Swedish photographers Studio Kleiner, invited by LABottega to immerse themselves in an experience that develops and is completed within the place itself. Elements and materials encountered in the area contribute to building the balances and impossible situations of their photographic imagery.

Studio Kleiner addresses the multiple themes of the contradiction between reality and fiction, gravity and weightlessness, movement and balance. The result is an ironic puzzle of vivid colors and inert materials, which surprises the most deeply rooted mental habits and proposes a new way of approaching the everyday. An irreverent but at the same time extremely refined vision that pays homage, not only in the title, to René Magritte and the indefinable mystery. Since 2010 Carl and Evelina Kleiner have been playing with illusions, calling themselves “image creators”.

Couple both in work and in life, with the title of the exhibition ironically they allude to the dynamism of their daily reality, divided between the two children, the city of Stockholm and the work of photographers specialized in “Still” Life. By breaking down and recomposing the expectations of those who attend their creative process, with their photographs they have fascinated brands such as Hermès, Ikea, H&M, Google, Swarovski and won headlines such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times. NOT A STILL LIFE, this (not) is an exhibition where the abstract becomes real and the concrete surreal.