Nordic Knots
Inspired by the shades of Stockholm

Written by Patricia Maeda
Rooted on Scandinavian design traditions in which functional design meets simplistic beauty, Nordic Knots focus on high quality hand woven rugs that can set the foundation for any room. Using timeless patterns and neutral hues with beautiful accent colors, these rugs can be mix-and-matched to create the perfect ambiance without overpowering your furniture.
"We wanted to bring something from our home to every home and we realized that at the center for every beautiful Swedish home is a good rug."

– Liza Laserow, Founder

One Sunday morning in the North Fork town of Greenport, a place similar to the Swedish countryside, three Swedes sat on a lawn overlooking the water and started to reminiscing about home. The open landscapes, the pale blue sky and the irreplaceable comfort. They wanted to bring something from where they were from to where they live now. Something that would make it feel like home and that they could share with others to transport them to another place. And that’s when they realized it: At the center of every good Swedish home, is a good rug.

After many hours and many glasses of wine Nordic Knots was born.

Nordic Knots is a rug brand inspired by classic Nordic designs and the shades of the vibrant facades of 19th century Stockholm architecture. The deep blues, the dusty pinks, the yellows and the burnt reds are all colors that carry throughout the entire collection, along with the minimalist aesthetic of the patterns.

Founded by Swedish family trio Liza Laserow, Fabian Berglund and Felix Berglund who joined forces in 2016 to follow their true passion for entrepreneurship, design and their home country.

Liza, started her career as a lawyer. After receiving her law degree in Sweden she moved to New York to work for a firm, but quickly realized that being someone’s employee and sitting behind a desk wasn’t how she wanted to spend her life. So she ventured out on her own, starting her own company and an interior designer and antiques dealer specializing in fine Swedish antiques from the 17th-19th Century. Naturally she is the self proclaimed “Boss” of Nordic Knots.

Fabian, married to Liza, is an international advertising executive and designer, currently working in New York City. As a Creative Director he has won numerous advertising and design awards and worked at three of the world’s top-rated agencies to date; Wieden + Kennedy, RGA, and Anomaly. With his background and passion for craft, Fabian takes on the role as Designer and Creative Director of Nordic Knots.

Although the couple are both from Sweden they ended up meeting millions of miles away one late night in New York City’s infamous Lower East Side. Liza, an avid lover of high heels, decided to playfully ask a tall man at the bar if she could borrow his flats. After that, they walked throughout the night side-by-side, her in boat-sized sneakers and him in yellow sock. The rest is history.

The third member of the trio, Felix, is Fabian’s big brother and mentor. In 2014 he left his lucrative professional poker playing career and retired at 33 to focus on being an entrepreneur. One of his companies being an eco friendly electric-powered bike startup. Felix is what the team likes to call “The Brains of the Operation”, in charge of everything from production to the financial side of the company.

Together, they have created a family business with one simple goal. Make a better rug, with better design at a better price. Maybe that’s a bit socialist, but hey – they’re Swedish.

Inspired by Stockholm Colors, brought directly to your home

nordic knots rugs

TIGER – Cream/Black

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nordic knots rugs

TIGER – Red/Black

From $289.00

nordic knots rig collection

STRIPES – Cream/Green

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"Our love for the vibrant facades of the 19th century classic Stockholm architecture inspired our design."
"The pale and deep blues, the pinks, the yellows and the burnt reds are all colors that carry through the entire collection along with the simplicity of the patterns. That makes choosing rugs for multiple rooms easy. No matter the size, pattern or color, they’re designed to look great together. It’s that simple."
nordic knots rig collection