Nor Autonom’s SS13 collection: Monolith

Light and darkness are not isolated parts, a clear image might just be a shadow. Make a stand or flee civilization to beyond world’s end. Nobody watches
the sentinel, but the witnesses, who refuse to renounce their cause, oppose control. They react to one another, but are ultimately crucified alone. This is an
integrated locality, this is an island universe. We’re not dependent, Nor Autonom


With such a powerful introduction to his website, it becomes easy to understand that when Nicolas Richard (the creative force behind new menswear brand Nor Autonom) wants to do something a specific way, it gets done quickly, efficiently and painlessly. The Swedish way.

Having debuted with an impressive Autumn/Winter collection for 2012 dubbed Entity, the utilitarian brand is now launching “Monolith” for Spring/Summer 2013.

Fans of the Millenium series will love the mood captured by Stockholm based photographer Mathias Sterner; that of a hooded lonesome figure walking through God-forsaken land.

Developing the collection as a continuation of his previous work, Nicolas Richard created dark and practical pieces, paying special attention to the use of leather to give each garnment a unique quality.

Every piece has two sides, much like the coin the Swede refers to when describing his work. The leather waistcoat has a zip-up, giving it a jacket-like quality, whilst the three button leather jacket adopts some of the waistcoat’s qualities.

The “Assasin’s creed” hooded leather jacket can be worn as both a hoodie or a simple coat and, finally, a simple jacket can hide one’s whole face (if needed).

Now, some might argue that this seems a little bit too much, too warm for the Spring/summer seasons. However, it is important to remember that this was created in Sweden, where, even in summer, a good jacket is often needed.

Can’t find a “Monolith” anywhere? Look at the very last photo.


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