BLITZ_picnic by Jose Catello

Nicky Blitz: Blast Off

BLITZ_picnic by Jose Catello

      1. Blast Off


Since our talk with Nicky Blitz last December, the bi-coastal producer and lyrical loud mouth has been hard at work on his debut EP, Mrs Paradise featuring single, “Blast Off” and his signature kooky, fun-factor. Too silly to resist, his nonsensical dance tunes draw you in for a good time and a go on the dance floor. As he puts the finishing touches on Mrs Paradise, which should be going out in the next couple of months, Blitz tells us that among the fun, there will be balance as well.


“The rest of the EP is a mix of punk/country/rockabilly/60’s and some 80’s and 90’s hype…it closes with a ballad.”


With whimsical lyrics, a beach party atmosphere and the singing stylings of B-52’s’ Fred Schneider, Blitz creates a never-ending summer and an escape from the blahs. We can’t wait to hear what he’ll come out with next. Happy listening!