Nick Cave’s Performance Installation for Grand Central Terminal

At 11am yesterday morning in one of New York City’s most beautiful public spaces, commuters, members of the press, and spectators from all around the world waited in anticipation for a mysterious group of sculptures to come to life. Nick Cave’s most recent installation, an assortment of gorgeous, shaggy technicolor horses installed in Grand Central Terminal for MTA Arts for Transit, also double as extravagant costumes which suddenly come to life as dancers don the pieces and move mysteriously around the room. Reminiscent of the epic myth of the Trojan horse and ancient dance rituals, for 15 minutes, twice a day, Grand Central Terminal becomes a mixture of museum, world stage and temple. What a perfect mixture of high art and public spectacle — Nick Cave has outdone himself again!

Photo: Travis McGee for Creative Time

Grand Central Terminal installation MTA Nick Cave sculpture
Harmony Difo

Year Born: 1985
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