Nhu Xuan Hua Goes Beyond Fashion Photography

Nhu Xuan Hua is a Parisian photographer based in London. Her work embodies a visual language that is cross-disciplinary in its approach, reflecting her artistic practices that extend beyond photography into mixed-media and sculpture.

Nhu Xuan’s world is always on the edge, it catches the elusive moment when the perception shifts from real to surreal . This interests into arts led her to a signature which goes beyond fashion photography.

Molding each element of the frame as a sculptor would do with clay, she looks at every objects as a physical shape more than a functional tool. She uses her sets to turn her abstract projections into real, questioning the space as a bi-dimensional frame to fill in with very precise compositions.

As a story teller, she likes her models to embody a real part and sometime to capture them in a loss moment, unveiling both beauty and dark side.

‘I photograph bodies most of the time but I like to see something abstract or organic in something which is shaped and somehow unmodifiable by nature. The body which doesn’t looks like a body is what attracts me the most. Artists like Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, Bacon, Giacommeti are really inspiring for me.’

Her editorial clients include Vogue Italia, Dansk, Time magazine, The Greatest Magazine, D REpublica, Collectible Dry, Morning Weekly China, Instyle UK, Vanity Fair Italy, Exhibition, and Marie Claire France.
Her commercial clients include Kenzo, Dior, Maje, Minelli, Bare Necessities, and Warner Music, among others.

Bio Text by theagents.club