NewNudes by Caroline Béneche

The other day I was surfing on some French Art Gallery websites when I discovered this really cool serie called Newnudes by Caroline Beneche – She explores the shapes and physical structures of the body and creates metamorphose between the real and the surreal…

Bénech have plenty more ‘Numeric Art’ on her site like the Alternates Cities and more…

Newnudes explores shapes and physical structures. The body becomes prey from metamorphoses between the real and surreal, revealing unconscious ideas. These
metamorphoses are to remodel the living figures and to redesign the forms.

Transcending aesthetic canons, Newnudes creates a new harmony, exacerbates some anatomical parts, looks through the body, and tries to express some sensations.
Biological, physical and psychic dimensions, are viewed through a dreamlike filter.

The Alternates Cities serie