A New Way of Experiencing Lighting at Home with Noon

Dedicated to improve our daily experience by looking at how we interact with our home, Noon Home launch today their Smart Lighting System to refine the experience in our home by coordinating existing lights to bring professional-quality lighting directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost.

Noon brings homeowners the ability to change the way a room looks and create a specific mood with a single touch.

“We chose lighting because it has such a big impact on our day-to-day lives. Light can significantly change the way our homes look and how we feel,” said Erik Charlton, CEO of Noon Home, Inc. “

We tested the product and some of the key points we noted are the simplicity of use and its installation paired with existing user lighting system. Its distinctive design, but familiar and friendly in the home. The unboxing is as easy as an to open an Iphone box, with everything you need it inside, from the wall plate to the internal components to the actual switches, it is all easy and available. No complicated screws or install, an easy snap into place. The App takes care of the rest.

“Using the best available technology, we were able to remove the complexity. Now consumers get a beautifully simple product that intelligently tunes itself to work with a homeowner’s existing bulbs and fixtures,”

Noon worked with many industry experts during the design process. In addition to the in-house team, Noon is especially grateful of the IDEO partnership and collaboration with Woke’s strategy team.