via teko design Jeanett_ventura lambrate

New Danish Design Promise

(Above) NONNO // Jeannett Højer

via teko design Anders_Sara ventura lambrate


(Left) WAFFLE SIDEBOARD // Sarah Cramer & Anders Engholm


A team of teachers and external supervisors asked furniture design students from the 6th semester at VIA Teko Design & Business What made Danish design from the forties, fifties and sixties so successful? And, What can we learn from the approach by the Danish designers of that era?


The process was short and intense. The students had less than one month from the date the project was assigned to complete their designs. The main themes of the approach are exploiting the properties of the materials, focusing on detail and optimizing methods in industrial production. Based in the past and with present lifestyle in mind they presented 14 new designs, which all are promising bids to continue this tradition.


Here were our favorites.

via teko design Anders Sarah bench ventura lambrate

WAFFLE BENCH // Anders Engholm & Sarah Cramer

via teko design Anker_ventura lambrate


via teko design Britt_ventura lambrate

WAVE  // Britt Rasmussen

via teko design CarinaB_ventura lambrate

ALMA // Carina Fyhn Beuchert

via teko design CarinaMaria_ventura lambrate

PI // Carina Maria Mølgaard Nielsen

via teko design Groa_ventura lambrate

WOOLY // Gro?a O?lo?f Þorgeirsdo?ttir

via teko design Lasse_ventura lambrate

LS1 // Lasse Sortkjær

via teko design Louise_ventura lambrate

TRIO LAMP // Louise Mengel

via teko design Monique_ventura lambrate

DB 100 // Monique Consentino


Photos by Jannick Børlum