New British Dandy: A.Hallucination

We have been contacted by this amazing new London based menswear brand called A.Hallucination. The brand reflects ‘modern English dandy,’ the character of a proper English gentleman augmented with contemporary detailing. designed by two Menswear graduates of Central Saint Martin College, both designers, Hwan Sung Park and Chung Chung Lee have previously worked at renowned fashion houses including Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Ozwald Boateng to name a few..

A.HALLUCINATION is designed for the 25-40 year old man who values quality and smart dressing as an important aspect of life. The garments are translatable for work, casual, and evening activities and present a sleek, sophisticated look for everyday wear.

A.HALLUCINATION, a new menswear brand successfully launched its first Fall/ Winter 2010 Collection during London Fashion Week. The collection presents a sharp, contemporary take on the classic British dandy look with urban citywear influences and the styling offers a modern twist to a classic look.

Fusing casual and formal elements, the collection features stylishly forward clothing with razor-sharp lines, sophisticated fabrics and a timeless fit.

Presenting their first collection entitled “The First Peal,” the main theme is an interesting combination of modern and classic, inspired by the scenery of London such as London Eye with Big Ben and Gherkin.

Both designers said: “We would like to show the new ‘modern English dandy’ through our first collection.  We think the mix of classic fabrics and modern design and cutting represent the true London.  It’s like how the Saint Paul Cathedral and Millennium Bridge goes very well together.”

Key pieces include darted slim-shaped side-seamless jackets, new cut shirts, low crotch pants, with intricate quilting details and techniques textured jackets inspired from the Argyle check. All the pieces are given modern makeovers to create a highly wearable, yet very on-trend look.