Nema Workshop Architecture

Dream apartment on Bond Street or Tribecca Loft ? Well, NemaWorkshop can do both and more. The New York based architectural firm is a team of architects, designers, and thinkers who create spaces which are conceptually innovative and highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. But if you need a cool Cafeteria, a fancy nightclub, a slick designed office or a  Fitness Spa, then can do it too !!


” Originally 2 separate apartments, the NY crash-pad for a rock star is in a landmarked building on Bond Street. The concept was to create an environment which was luxurious in materials yet informal in layout.”

“The main living space contains the kitchen, the dining area, the living space and the library. The areas are distinct but they bleed together seamlessly in the open floor plan. The exhibits a supremely comfortable environment infused with an atmosphere of effortless cool.”


“The Tribeca loft is drenched in sunlight. The expansive private rooftop terrace bleeds into the apartment and creates a living space where the sky becomes an integral architectural element. A giant skylight illuminates the vertical space washing the apartment in natural light.”

“The environment is clean and modern yet never cold. The timber structure and rustic barn wood generates warmth, as do the bookshelves which articulate the main living spaces.”

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