Hugo : 99 Problems (Jay Z cover)

Enlgand born, Thailand raised Hugo is breaking into the US music scene with a bang and a banjo. After spending much of his early years developing his style across seas the talented singer/songwriter has decided to instill his provocative pop sound and anti-contemporary mainstream aura in the ears and minds of the US base. His music would be difficult to categorize, taking on a rock and roll, country-blues, soul-pop twist but with a debut album titled Old Tyme Religion one thing is for certain, this character is not your average pop artist. I’m uncertain if “99 Problems” would necessarily qualify to be a cover but regardless Hugo’s interpretation of Jay Z’s hip hop gem without a doubt stirs up some controversy(which is always good) and takes the listener on a wild ride into the depth of the gangster rockers psyche. If this track isn’t enough for you be sure check out the accompanying video here. Enjoy!

Listen to “99 Problems(Jay Z cover)” here

      1. 01 99 Problems (Jay-Z Cover)

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