Nadiia: a Stunning Collection of Ceramics Handmade in Ukraine

Recently discovered while covering Jacquemus new Oursin Restaurant, Nadiia is a Ukranian housewares brand ‘focused on unlocking the spiritual, artistic and tactile potential of physical objects we encounter in our everyday life.’

The first chapter is a collection of ceramics handmade in Ukraine using traditional craft techniques in collaboration with Kyiv-based artist Masha Reva. With its signature thick black lines and strokes of bold colors, Reva’s art brings out the warmth and beauty of Ukrainian pottery, which has been an integral part of family and community for generations.

Nadiia was established in 2018 by Nadiia Shapoval. The ethos of the project is to combine traditional craft techniques and materials, which have a unique history, with the cutting edge talent of contemporary creatives.