Monarchy: Love Get Out Of My Way

Disguised by a swirling electronic mystique is duo, Monarchy. Perhaps the purpose behind their mystery is to evade being a category or filed under any country or style–a feat they are accomplishing indeed. What us Monarchy-lovers do know–other than their London location–is that they are self-starting, music addicts themselves with what they call “an affliction from birth.” Without much of a reputation, the twosome started by rolling in the remixes and accredited themselves as big talent by working with Penguin Prison on Neon Gold, moving onto Fyfe Dangerfield, Marina and the Diamonds and Ellie Goulding. Now, they’re remixing Kelis and the Lady Gaga herself. Their own material has been a bit of down-and-out feeling lifted by a melodious buoyancy.

A splash of the 80’s electro-funk and a pinch of old-fashioned vintage drum lines and chord progressions, and you’ve got “Love Get Out Of My Way.” Their anonymity has not sheltered these self-produced, masked men as much as it has helped spread the word and work of these two throughout the blogosphere. Behind their music-makin’ curtain, we look on with curiosity and let their songs step into the spotlight in their place. Their album was meant to land last month, but now may be pushed to release in 2011, although it has already been reviewed by some–it looks like their mystery knows no bounds. For now, let this single (officially released late August) speak on their veiled behalf.

Listen to “Love Get Out Of My Way” Here

      1. Love Get Out Of My Way