Mitchell Feinberg : Still Life Master

Client : GQ

Veteran photographer Mitchell Feinberg, has build a portfolio of images over the last 15 years or so working between Paris and New York that few commercial luxury still life photographers can compete with.

“Great still life stories are more monologue than conversation,” said Feinberg in an interview with Feature Shoot, as he described the difference between shooting still life compared to fashion or lifestyle photography. ” There is no flamboyant personality to help move the shoot along, no pushy publicist to get your blood boiling. It’s just you and the object.”

Client : L’Officiel Homme

It is no wonder that any journalists interviewing someone of Feinberg’s work and nature should wonder if this kind of rigorous staging and organization exits in his daily life. Here are his thoughts on the matter, “I’m a walking disaster area. There’s mess everywhere. The more ordered the image, the more chaotic the environment.”