Goodbye Edison Minimalist Lamps by FX Balléry

GOODBYE EDISON is a French manufacturing company of contemporary lamps. As its name implies, it is a nod to the disappearance of traditional light bulbs and the advent of new light sources. Investigating the capacity of the LEDs to spread a softer indirect light for the user. Its lamps are fine, light, exquisite and go away from stereotypes and archetypes of traditional lighting.

The first collections are designed by FX Balléry who imagined high-quality, elegant and innovative lamps. They are sold under the brand GBYE.

GOODBYE EDISON chose to produce its lamps in France with a network of companies with strong technical and technological knowledge. They mainly are manufactured in aluminum and are equipped with transparent cables, switches and adapters.

The products manufactured by GOODBYE EDISON are sold under the brand GBYE. They are sold in white carboard packagings with specifics and originals handles.

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