Mickey Rourke : Sharp as a Needle


I am going to be bold and call Mickey Rourke the IT man of 2009. A lot of people are happy to see Mickey back but no one is happier than Mickey and he is coming out with a bang. He knows that just because he is off the set that  does not mean the show is not on. I have not seen one picture of the man where is not dressed to the “T”. And of course all of us fashion people are wondering who his stylist is, but I can see right through that. Every man needs a stylist, someone to shop for them and get them all they need, but the bottom line is it’s Mickey’s style that brings it home. The way he carry’s himself, the glasses…He wears the clothes that would be wearing most other men.

And to settle all disputes, Mickey does have a stylist, Michael Fisher and here is what he has to say. “Mickey is a personality, and he has his own sense of style. He likes clothes, and he likes expressing himself though clothes. He does it in his acting and he does it in his day-to-day life.  He likes taking the risk, pushing the envelope and being more flashy. And no one else can wear it like Mickey wears it…A lot of the time it comes down to five minutes before he walks out the door he’s the one who says, ‘I want to wear this tie with this vest, and this scarf and this shoe.’ He kind of puts it all together. I just have to make sure all the elements are there,” said Fisher. “When I see it all together I do think he’s the only one who could pull it off.”

Mickey is the new Mr. Cool Guy, no doubt about that.

– quote via LA Times