Matthew Brodie: Paper Dresses

It’s always nice to see a fashion spread that brings more to the plate than just the latest runway looks. In his Madame magazine spread, “Paper Dresses”, art director Matthew Brodie not only crafts his own props and set, he designs a whole collection of actual paper dresses, as well.

With some A3 sheets and a lot of perseverance, Matthew and his team—including a former pattern cutter and designer for John Galliano—create five complete dresses.


“We really wanted to create something beautiful from a material that doesn’t normally lend itself to being draped and shaped on a living being, it had to be apparent that it was paper, but not because it looked shit.”

Accessories editor: Natalie Manchot
Art Direction: Hattie Newman & Matthew Brodie
Make-up: Barbara Bräunlich
Hair: Keiichiro Hirano
Model: Hannah Hardy

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