Mathieu Lehanneur’s Tomorrow is Another Day

French artist Mathieu Lehanneur‘s Tomorrow is Another Day (Demain est un Autre Jour), created this awesome sculpture that gathered real time weather information form Internet.  Originally intended for a Hospital Palliative Care, the device eludes the course of time by offering everyone the opportunity to see tomorrow’s sky. The luminous, atmospheric and impressionist – image of this sky is diffused through the network of a honeycomb structure, appearing both like a sculpture and a celestial globe.

Date : 2011
Edition : Carpenters Workshop Gallery (London – Paris)
Limited Edition
Materials : LEDs Screen, acrylic lens, honey comb polycarbonate, PC.
Dimensions : Diameter 96 cm, thickness 35 cm
Software designer : Frédéric Mauclère
Production : Euromodel

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