Mary Katrantzou F/W 2012

Mary Katrantzou F/W 2012 collection was by far one of the most varied and visually dynamic collections of London Fashion Week.

It’s not only about the initial ‘bang’ of the prints but the details you find on your second, third and fourth glances. Each and every piece appears to have endless layers, tapering and unique tailoring.

As well as this, the prints are softly drawn, then move onto the photographic and geometric motif’s. Typewriters, spoons, dragon flies, bows and diamonds are seamlessly integrated with softer lines and images have actually been used to aid in creating modern silhouettes that do in fact translate to the street.

Many of the pieces are contradictions with themselves. We saw giant ruffles being paired with bold folds, box pleats and simple figure-hugging lines. Katrantzou’s art is definitely in seamlessly combining so many elements, that in any other equation would feel like a huge clash, to create these stunning visual explosions.