Marie-Sixtine is a Parisian Apartment You Can Shop!

With an eye for style and a passion for textiles and texture, Marie-Sixtine has been a leader in the fashion industry and has now expanded its interest to include design. The project Chez Marie-Sixtine, located at 5 rue de Charonne in Paris, is a chic apartment for the modern Marie-Sixtine woman.

Featuring a focus on fabric, something that has always been a core interest for the company, the apartment’s aesthetic seamlessly matches the clothing line Marie-Sixtine is known for.


Taking inspiration from their own fashion label, Chez Marie-Sixtine boasts many of the same qualities: soft palettes, subtle patterns, chunky knits and an amazing attention to materiality. Neo-Scandivian furnishings, muted colors and traditional pieces such as an old-style tub, all come together to create a sense of harmony, and ultimately, of home.


Guests can enjoy the apartment’s gorgeous interior design which showcases floodlit rooms, plush pompom wall art, a wooden cabin style bedroom with the softest mohair blanket, or, guests are welcome to partake in any of the intimate events. These include knitting workshops, yoga sessions, pop-up dinners and personal shopping. The list is endless thanks to a tailor-made concierge service made readily available to guests.