mapei dont wait

Mapei : Don’t Wait

      1. Mapei - Don't Wait




      2. Mapei - Don't Wait (Kingdom Remix)


Mapei is a difficult act to categories. Being raised in Providence, Rhode Island in a half-hippie “entertaining” environment where music was a constant, then planting her soulful sound in the midst of a predominantly rock/pop oriented scene in Stockholm, Sweden, and finally making way back to the states to acquire yet another soundscape from the hip kids in Buschwick, NY, it’s not surprising that her music takes on a totally different style from song to song.


“Don’t Wait” crashes into more of a r&b tier and Kingdom’s remix does well to inject a little more tempo to the original if you’re looking to get energized. One things for sure, if Mapei keeps bringing heat like this it will not go unnoticed. Be sure to check out some of her earlier work here.